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Our innovative weight loss solution improves results for your clients and your business

find out how

Sinque helps you grow your
business in different ways

Attract new clients with a "stress-free" program.
Profit from new recurring revenue for remote client monitoring.
Increase adherence, reduce management time per client and reduce dropout rates.
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We focus on people who struggle to change behavior and help them stick to their weight loss program.

Sinque increases user adherence from 20% to 80%


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Sinque helps people to move along
the stages of change
(Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983)
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Behavior change is a key element for weight loss

People who want to lose weight, and have tried again and again, are often stuck in the cycle of:
contemplation → preparation →  relapse
contemplation → preparation →  action → relapse
Resulting in higher drop out rates and regained weight.

To change behavior,  reach the action stage and not relapse, people need better information and guidance based on their progress. Sinque provides this information. 

Most people don't like
to weigh themselves

People seem to avoid to track their goal progress when they feel that the information about their progress is not accurate or useful.” This is called the ''Ostrich Problem''

As a result, they lose motivation and fall back into old behaviour. 
(Chang et al., 2013)
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Sinque ™ is our patented behaviour-based predictive analytics solution to address the Ostrich Problem

Our ground-breaking approach ends the anxiety of stepping on the scale. 
It allows you to guide clients based on data-driven,
tailored programs with a focus on results.

Sinque A.I. learns changes in an individual’s behaviour
by monitoring natural weight fluctuation

As your weight can fluctuate up to 3kg per week,
it's not possible to measure your  weight trend
using traditional scales. 

However,  based on a few measurements per week, Sinque's A.I. monitors natural weight fluctuation and forecasts weight trend.
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Healthy Habits

Our data-driven approach supports your decision-making to help your clients.

Programs with Sinque show up to 90% adherence

Unique, numberless weight monitoring


Eliminate anxiety to monitor and frustration with numbers. 
Enable lifestyle intervention.

predictive analytics

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Learns and detects changes
and predicts weight trend.

Actionable data
and visibility

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Tailor programs based on actionable data, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Dashboard wideshot.HEIC

Easily see who is on track to achieve program objectives, and who needs attention to get on track.

 Sinque increases weight loss results 

Sinque's dashboard supports

Our data analysis model allows you to monitor your
client's behavior, supporting data-driven decision-making.
Your clients feel supported, even when you're not physically present.
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(Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983)
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Monitor behavior change and weight loss metrics

Easy-to-use dashboards to see what's happening with groups and individuals. See adherence and retention metrics, as well as program effectiveness.
Gym trainer

Sinque supports you to improve client results and helps you grow your business.

The impact of Sinque on your clients and business

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Offer a premium, stress-free program to clients

With Sinque, your clients monitor weight without stress or anxiety, while you have data to support your  guidance.

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Profit from monthly recurring revenue

Your clients pay a monthly fee for your guidance and a tailored  program.

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Sinque is very easy to implement!
It's user-friendly for you and your clients.


Sinque stories

We can't wait to get you started!

To help you set up your Sinque monitoring program, we offer you:

  1. Sinque certification (free!), including data-driven weight loss and behavior change stages

  2. Support  to offer Sinque in your program

  3. Sinque solution support 

*You don't have to finish the training in one session. Your progress will be saved.

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