More efficiency for your weight loss programs and better results for your business.


Discover how our technology, which measures the weight of your clients without focusing on numbers, makes your day-to-day work easier.

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The numbers
can lie...

Your weight fluctuates every time you step on the scale. This often leads to wrong conclusions.

This "fake news" can be discouraging and often contributes to giving up the weight loss program.

Wrong conclusion

Sinque is unique!

Sinque uses artificial intelligence to reveal what your client's weight trend will be in two weeks.

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Keep an eye on your client's weight trend

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Sinque shows the right direction to a healthy weight

Simple and friendly

Every time your client steps on the Sinque Home Monitor, Sinque's artificial intelligence learns about the natural, individual oscillation of your client's weight.


The "Sinque Dial" shows the weight trend - gain, maintain, lose weight - that your client will have in 2 weeks. With this information you can customize their program so they can stay on the path to a healthy weight. (14).gif

A practical example

Since our friend Alex has lost weight in the past few weeks, it is now important to maintain the current weight in the coming 2 weeks. To achieve this, we adapt training, diet and programs to maximize results.

Female Patient

Surprise your clients
with an individualized,
results-oriented program

The Sinque weight monitor ends the fight with the scale

Sinque stimulates positive behaviour

The Sinque App automatically connects to the Home Monitor, which shows no numbers, so clients are no longer afraid to monitor their weight.

In addition, clients can weigh themselves with clothes and shoes on!

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Your presence every step of the journey

You can personalize the Sinque App with your logos, colors, personal messages, videos and other content. As a result, your clients feel your support and presence at all times.

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15 seconds per day!

Your clients feel relaxed and safe because of your 'virtual presence'. This motivates and strengthens the trust of your client.

  "I am very satisfied and enthusiastic about Sinque. It is very easy to use and a great solution to stay motivated!"
T. Derwort
58, Operational manager     
  "My experience with Sinque has been surprisingly positive! With Sinque and the support of my provider I was able to achieve my desired goals."
  E. Ramos
41, Accessibility specialist
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Data to validate your program

Sinque motivates and encourages your clients to weigh themselves regularly and generates all the data you need to improve their results.

Reports reveal the impact of your program

The Sinque report shows your group profile, shows whether your clients have lost or maintained weight and -- importantly -- shows the expected weight trend in two weeks. Therefore, it's no surprise that 95% of Sinque users lose weight*.


You can receive (secure) data of your clients and remotely customize their programs for the next 2 weeks, improving their results.

* Results as of 15 Sept. 2021 from Sinque users
with the "Sinque Dial" active

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With Sinque reports you have an overview of all participants and the information to individualize each of your clients' programs .

The privacy and confidentiality of your clients is always respected.


Sinque is elegant, simple and enhances your business

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Achieve results that positively impact your clients and your business.