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Sinque is a numberless tool to monitor your current and predict your future weight range.


It helps you motivate your clients to achieve a healthy weight by reducing the frustration caused by scales and revealing data for you to enhance program individualization.

The numbers can lie ...

Your weight fluctuates every time you step on the scale, which can lead to wrong conclusions. This "fake news" is discouraging and often contributes to giving up.


Sinque is different! 


Sinque uses artificial intelligence to reveal the right direction of your client's weight, helping you motivate clients to continue their program

to lose weight.

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right direction
wrong conclusion
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Use Sinque to show
the right direction 
to a healthy weight

This is how it works

Every time your client steps on the Sinque Home Monitor, Sinque's artificial intelligence gains knowledge about their weight. 

It then uses this information to accurately measure your client's weight pattern. Based on this pattern it can reveal, 2 weeks in advance, if the user will gain, maintain or lose weight.

Your weight is not a is a range.

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Female Patient

The simple  way to individualize your clients' program

The Sinque Dial

The Sinque Dial shows today the weight trend — gain, maintain or lose — that your client will have in two weeks. This allows you to validate and adjust your client's program in advance to continue on the path to their ideal weight.

Simple, easy and friendly!

A practical example: our friend Alex's Sinque Dial points to "maintaining weight" for the next 2 weeks. He has lost more than 5kg and now his body needs to adapt to the new weight (the famous plateau). At this time, we manage training, plans and programs to enhance the results.

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Sinque ends the fear of the scale and reinforces positive behavior

The Sinque app automatically connects to our Sinque monitors that don't show numbers, helping people lose the fear of monitoring their weight.


With more information and data, you have the metrics to customize your clients' programs.


And there's more! People can weigh themselves with clothes and shoes on, and Sinque adjusts accordingly.

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Instead of my clients being afraid to step on the scale, they now even enjoy measuring themselves at home! This really motivates them to stay on the right path.

Gillian de Bruin, Personal trainer & Lifecoach

Sinque Pioneer

Your presence every step of the journey

The customizable Sinque app extends your presence with clients with your branding, personalized messages, videos and content.

Your clients feel calm and safe with your "virtual presence," facilitating  the process of motivating and educating your clients.

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15 seconds a day!

Sinque is simple to use and increases adherence to training, plans and remote programs, allowing you, the PRO, to be "close" to your clients, even from a distance.

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Unique monitoring tool

Sinque provides metrics in the short term, making it easy to customize  your program for each client, resulting in long-term results. 


Sinque complements your anthropometric assessment program. For example, every two months you can measure the lean and fat mass of your clients, and between the two assessments, using Sinque, you have the information to motivate your clients to follow your program.


Sinque is elegant, simple and complements your business

In addition to a technological solution, a support ecosystem

Sinque is more than a unique numberless metrics tool that motivates behavior change and increases adherence and retention.


With the  Sinque ecosystem, and you will have access to: ​

  • Customize the Sinque App with your brand and program, extending your presence with clients

  • The Sinque marketplace, where we bring clients to you! People in search of your PRO services -- company employees, insurance customers and other health promotion programs that use Sinque

  • Support from our team of specialists to discuss sustainable weight loss and the use of Sinque

  • Business support to help improve your financial results

  • Sinque monitors — you can earn money and offer discounts to  your clients

The best way for people to use Sinque is through you.

​Getting started is easy! Sign up for free to be part of the Sinque ecosystem!

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End the frustration of stepping on the scale.

Join the Sinque Ecosystem!

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