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Everything about your first 14 days with Sinque

Before you can see your future weight with Sinque, you must first complete the 14-day onboarding period. While this is of course a fun and exciting time, we also understand that it can be quite an exercise for your patience ;). In this blog, you'll read everything you need to know about the purpose of this phase. Also, we have a few handy tips that will help you make Sinque a part of your daily routine!

Why 14 days?

Before Sinque can predict your weight, it must first understand the fluctuations in your weight. Your weight is not constant, but fluctuates every day, week and month. The goal is therefore to bundle all your individual measurements during this period, and use this information to get to know your weight trend. As more measurements allow Sinque to make a better prediction, we ask you to step on the Home Monitor at least 4 times a week, but preferably every day. The more measurements you complete, the better the profile we can make of you. Multiple measurements per day are also allowed!

With this information, our algorithm can use artificial intelligence to determine the pattern of your weight fluctuations, based on your personal profile. With these weight fluctuations as input, our algorithm then predicts your current - but also your future weight trend for the coming two weeks. With this information, you'll always know whether you're heading in the right direction towards a healthy weight!

Tips to get through the first 14 days

We have some tips for you that will definitely help you get through the first 14 days successfully. They read as follows:

  1. Make Sinque a part of your daily routine by picking a specific moment (or moments) of the day to step on the scale. For example, decide for yourself to step on the Home Monitor every day after brushing your teeth or during your lunch break. By doing so, after a few days you don't even have to think about it anymore and the weighing goes naturally.

  2. Make sure that the Home Monitor is in an easily accessible, permanent place in the house. Preferably in a place where you come every day. For example, in the bathroom or your bedroom. PS: are you going on holiday during this period? Don't worry, just take your Home Monitor with you in your suitcase!

  3. Make use of our message functions. These are motivational messages that you receive from your Sinque PRO during a weigh-in and via push notifications. This way you know exactly where you stand, and you get all the information you need. Do you want to know how to activate push notifications? Visit the frequently asked questions and you will find the steps you need to follow on your device (under the heading 'The Sinque App').


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