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How Sinque helps you prevent a relapse after your diet

After you have reached a healthy weight after a period of hard work, the next important step is to maintain it. This often proves to be quite challenging, as it is common that the termination of a diet will lead to weight gain in the short term. This is also known as the yo-yo effect. In general, it is estimated in medical literature that more than 90 percent of dieters have returned to their old diet or have even gained weight two years after starting the diet. Apart from the fact that such a relapse can have a negative impact on your motivation, the yo-yo effect is also associated with other, more adverse health effects.

Luckily, Sinque helps you to prevent this. The secret in this is daily weighing. Sinque's artificial intelligence knows your weight fluctuations and detects in time whether your weight is increasing again. If this is the case, it will be shown to you immediately by a push notification on your Sinque App. Fortunately, this will only be a prediction. From this moment, there will still be 14 days left for your Sinque PRO to make timely adjustments to your diet, and for you to change your lifestyle. Once you're back on track, the Sinque Dial will show that you're heading in the right direction. A comforting message.

This way, with Sinque, you don't have to worry about your future weight anymore. No numbers, no frustrations... and finally, no unexpected surprises ;).


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