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The right tool for an efficient and
multidisciplinary program

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Certified professionals
Sinque is used by trained professionals who work on health promotion based on metrics

Sinque reports
reveal the effectiveness of your weight loss program. You are able to closely follow the developments of your clients, giving you the right information to personalize their programs

Happy Doctor

Our support programs help
implement Sinque in your clinic

Sinque is simple 
to implement

Sinque requires no technical knowledge or other equipment and is related to tools you already use. We help you implement Sinque and train you so that can quickly get started with your clients.

Bring your knowledge to people
who want to lose weight

Sinque is part of corporate health promotion programs and we can use your help with this. Via your clinic or as an individual professional, we are happy to use your passion and knowledge to offer
support with these projects.

Always be close to your client,
even when you're not together

We help you personalize the Sinque app with your messages, logo and colors. This way your client feels right at home and always supported when completing a measurement.

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You decide how your clients monitor their weight

The Sinque monitor is an important part of the success of your program as it takes you to your client's home. The monitor does not show numbers and encourages your clients
to monitor their weight.

Your client can buy/rent the monitor from you,
or directly from us.

In a Meeting

Sinque is efficient because it is based on science. Our certifications help you implement programs with a focus on results.

Medical science
to promote weight loss

Through videos, webinars and meetings we teach you how to use Sinque to promote weight loss
in an efficient yet sustainable and healthy way.


Responsible handling of personal information

Sinque reports contain useful,
personal information. That is why privacy and confidentiality concering customer data
is of great importance to us.

Business Owner

Sinque stimulates the contact between you and your client, and focuses on stimulating intrinsic motivation.

When you join our ecosystem:

Support of the Sinque team

Customize your content in the Sinque app

Access to Sinque reports

Opportunity to participate in
events and webinars
for health promotion programs

Ability to offer your services
to health promotion programs

Interested? Send us a message!

Thank you for contacting us! A member of our team will quickly be in touch :)

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