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Join the revolution!
It's time to change weight management
and health promotion

Unlike conventional weight loss approaches,

Sinque uses artificial intelligence to learn natural weight fluctuations and predict the future weight trend of your clients.
This gives you the information you need to motivate your clients 
and optimize their results.


A solution for your clients
and a boost for the efficiency
of your program

  • With Sinque you can support your client at all times​,
    not just during your sessions

  • It reveals the information you need to personalize your program based on data, increasing your efficiency

  • Simple, user-friendly and affordable

  • You can participate in the Sinque ecosystem,
    which helps you boost your customer base
    and your business

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The Sinque report reveals the impact
of Sinque on your clients

Businessman on Phone

More efficient support for clients,
based on data about their progress

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More motivation
By showing the weight range instead of individual numbers, Sinque avoids confusion
and frustration with fluctuating weight, motivating your clients to monitor
their weight and follow their program.

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Information to personalize
Sinque's reports allow you to make the necessary adjustments to keep your clients on track.
More data, more efficiency!

Sinque for doctors
and medical clinics

Sinque for health professionals

Sign up on our website
to learn more about Sinque, read scientific content,
participate in our webinars and try Sinque yourself for free!

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