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Tips and tricks: How to make Sinque part of your weekly routine

Changing behaviors can be very challenging because our body is designed to save energy. Habits are our brain's way to help save energy, and we are rewarded by the savings. This is why it's easier to spend hours watching a series than to go for a walk.

Now, picture the following situation:

You want to reach a deserted beach. In the first few weeks, you build the path, cut some branches and weeds, make a path, then you can reach the beach.

The beach is pleasant, so you decide to add some stones to make it easier to get there. A few weeks pass by.. Over time, as you continue to visit this beach, you decide to pave the way to be able to get there even faster by car.

Imagine now, after decades, you decide to return this beach to its original state and you need to close this path. It takes a lot of work to remove the road, replant trees, flowers, grasses, and then you will have to wait a long time for the trees and plants to grow and cover the path.

See habits as a paved road to achieving a pleasurable reward faster.

The question is, how to remove the road, rebuild the vegetation and close this path?

In the case of habits, there are 3 ways to do this:

1 - Replace a habit

You enjoy the beach, but you know that there are different paths leading to healthier beaches.

For example, think of the beach as food. You don't stop eating, but you can REPLACE an old eating pattern with a new one: eat more vegetables and fruits, eat smaller portions, increase the amount of protein, and so on. Whatever is healthy for you.

2 - Stop a habit

Imagine that the beach is polluted, you don’t like it, and you want to return it to its original splendor.

For example, cigarettes are harmful to health and you are ready to make a change to return your body to its original splendor, so you build a new path to STOP smoking.

3 - Add a habit

You want to go to this new, deserted paradise, but the only way to get there is to walk.

For example, you can ADD a physical exercise habit to your routine to help you prepare to walk to the beach and enjoy your reward.

Some tips:

If you're not used to measuring yourself daily, you will ADD it to your routine. To do this, place the monitor in an easy to access place that’s part of your daily routine – like in your bathroom, next to your closet (not in it!), or next to your bedroom door – a place you walk by and where you see it every day.

Bonus tip! You can add an alarm notification on your phone to remind you to measure – this is especially helpful in the first few days.

If you’re used to measuring yourself, replace your old scale with your shiny new Sinque monitor.

We suggest not using both or comparing the measurements as this creates frustration and emotional pain. This is a whole new way to measure where we focus on your trend!

Remember, your subconscious will want you to avoid new behaviors because it is work (even if consciously it's a healthy behavior)!

In either case, celebrate every new change you make, no matter how small!. Losing weight is a consequence of these changes you’re making. You’ve got this!


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