A technological solution with an ecosystem to support your business.

Sinque  transforms the approach of your weight loss program into a highly personalized and individualized activity, based  on metrics and focused on results.

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Sinque is the smart solution to guide your client or patient towards weight loss. Start tracking their weight trend today and say goodbye to the old scales!


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Weight Monitoring Program

Using medical science and artificial intelligence,
Sinque reinforces positive behavior and provides information to personalize weight loss programs, 

two weeks in advance!


With Sinque, your clients or patients monitor their weight in a numberless and stress-free way, ending the frustration with
old-fashioned scales.

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Certified Professionals
 work using metrics, with a focus on results.
All that's missing is you!

Population Reports

help professionals monitor clients and patients closely, even remotely, as well as reveal the effectiveness of programs

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"The Sinque report is a revolution for weight loss programs as it allows  you to predict the impact of changing behavior through metrics, something unthinkable before Sinque."

The Sinque report helps you manage and individualize weight management programs, improving success.

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With the Sinque report you know the predicted weight trend of your clients and patients (losing, gaining or maintaining weight) 2 weeks in advance, allowing you to anticipate in time.

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For each client you can see: 

  • weight for the previous three weeks 

  • current weight

  • predicted weight for the coming two weeks 

Sinque calculates your clients' weight trend for the next two weeks, so you can take action today

Sinque changes the focus in weight loss programs. Instead of discussing the past and the results of previous weigh-ins, you can talk about changing behavior in the future.

''What will we do to improve your health in

the  coming week?''


Together with your client or patient, you can visualize the impact of the change and further personalize the weight loss program.

Business Plan

Sinque starts with the support of our team, focused on your business results

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Implementing Sinque in your business is simple

Sinque  does not require technical knowledge and supports  tools you already use.

In addition, you will be able to interact with other professionals who can help your clients and patients in the journey towards better health.

Helping more people lose weight with your services

Sinque is part of company health promotion and health management programs.


These programs need professionals focused on metrics and results to help reduce the number of people who are obese and overweight.

Professionals in the Sinque Ecosystem can offer their services to these programs.

Create your own group within the Sinque app

Your clients join your group in the Sinque App, and we personalize it with messages, logo and colors.


Your clients will feel right at home and notice your presence every time they record a measurement.

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Sinque's results-based approach increases not only the efficiency, but also the perceived value of your program

Increase your business with Sinque

As ​you use the information provided by Sinque to individualize programs and improve your results, the value of your services increases.

Furthermore, our solution allows supports remote monitoring programs, opening up opportunities to work with new clients without affecting the time you spend with current clients.



per month

Price per hour


Earn commission from monitor sales and offer  discounts to your clients

In a Meeting

Our certifications help professionals implement Sinque into weight loss programs, with a focus on results. 

Medical science to
support weight loss

Get Sinque certified through videos, webinars and meetings -- our team will show you how to use Sinque to support weight loss in a sustainable and healthy way.

Personal information handled responsibly

We take the privacy and confidentiality of personal information seriously.  We handle it with utmost care and use accepted best practices.

Join our Ecosystem now, and:

Get support from the Sinque team

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Customize content within
the Sinque app

Earn commissions and define discounts for monitor sales

 Get Sinque certified

Start using Sinque reports

Meet Scally, our numberless and user-friendly weight monitor designed specifically for high traffic areas. 

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