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Sinque reduces confrontation and enhances motivation

We believe that working with a Sinque PRO is important if you want to improve your health in a sustainable way. Sinque has been developed based on this vision: evidence-based, also for the provider. Via our app (available on Android and iOS) and our Home Monitor you can easily offer your own health program at the client's home via Sinque. We chose a non-confrontational approach because we believe that lowering confrontation will lead to increased motivation. The following aspects are central to this:

- Since body weight can fluctuate greatly, an individual's weight can be a lot higher than expected when stepping on the scale. This is confronting and demotivating, especially after a period of seeing progress. However, when your clients step on the scale with Sinque, they are not directly exposed to their specific weight at that moment, but they see their weight trend in a clear graph. As a result, they are less confronted with outliers because they can see through the individual numbers and see the bigger picture of their progress.

- The way in which you are in contact with your client with Sinque also plays an important role in reducing confrontation and increasing motivation. Despite the fact that your clients are exposed to their weight in a friendlier way, it's still possible that the weight trend or the prediction of the Sinque Dial will go against expectations. We are aware of the fact that this is the moment that you, as a provider, need to be close to your clients to support and advise them. Sinque gives you the option to send automated messages to specific groups of clients, at specific times. For instance, based on the results of their weigh-in. These messages will be seen by clients the moment they step on the Home Monitor and see their results. This way, you are always close to your client, even if you are not physically present.

- Finally, trust is an important part of our approach. Clients continue to use Sinque faithfully when they experience self-control. Therefore, clients can decide for themselves whether they give permission to share weight information with their Sinque PRO. By giving the client control, we ensure more trust, and less confrontation. At the same time, a Sinque PRO still has the opportunity to bring his or her products to the attention of his or her clients in a privacy-friendly manner. Curious how? Check out our PRO website.


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